09 October 2019

Calculatober Day 9: Unknown Keychain Calculator

While Calculatober is a month of calculator celebration, it originally began as a way for me to get a bunch of my collection reviewed. So not every calculator is going to be great. Today is going to be one of those not great calculator days.

This unknown keychain calculator comes from China. I found it on Ebay for $1.63. I bought it during a time when I thought it would be harder to find cheap calculators to review. I wanted to review the good and the bad devices, and I fully expected this to fit into the bad category.
Something's familiar here...
While recording the video review, something felt oddly familiar about this calculator. I had to take it apart to get the battery to work, and I was certain I'd seen the interior before. So before writing this review, I looked through previous posts to refresh my memory.
This is the same damn calculator as the Clip Calculator With Magnet 2602 that I reviewed way back in January. I hated that thing.
Instead of a clip, this one has a keychain and a front panel that covers the buttons. It feels cheap and the buttons are too small to be pressed comfortably. That's all there is to it. These are the types of calculators that are meant to be thrown into party favor bags that no one wants.

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