03 October 2019

Calculatober Day 3: Unknown Floppy Calculator

It's day three of Calculatober, and I'm still feeling the excitement that I got from yesterday's calculator. That device was amazing! But for now I need to focus on today's calculator. Hopefully I'll get at least a fraction of the excitement from it.

It's a floppy silicone calculator I bought on Ebay for $2.89. I paid too much for it.

I don't know why a floppy calculator exists. There are so many different types of calculators out there, and often the stylistic choices of the designers are baffling. Why use such a stupid font for the numbers and functions? Why is there a magnet on the back?
This calculator works with its bare minimum functionality, and the solar panel isn't fake. It survived its journey from China all the way to me in non-rigid packaging. Yet I just don't care. I don't hate this calculator, I just feel completely indifferent about it. It's not an exciting addition (haha) to my collection, but I don't want to throw it away. Eventually the silicone will degrade and this device will feel too gross to ever use, but I don't intend to use it after I finish this review.
Normally I would spend some time researching the calculator to find out where and when it was manufactured, and the company that makes it. In this case I don't care enough to do that. There's no label or logo or anything to use as a starting point anyway.

Do I recommend this calculator? Of course not.


  1. The orange is so appropriate for Calculatober!

  2. I suppose the magnet allows you to stick it on your refrigerator so that you can keep it handy?