25 October 2019

Calculatober Day 25: Another Unknown Keychain Calculator

I really wanted to finish the last week of Calculatober with amazing, quality reviews but I'm getting burned out. There's only so much to say about many of them and I don't want to exhaust my entire supply of interesting calculators within a single month. So to ensure that some of the more amazing devices get quality reviews that they deserve, I'm going to look at mostly crap until this is over.
Another cheap keychain calculator.
Yep, it's another cheap keychain calculator. This one's just like the previous crummy calculators except now it's- ah, let me look at it again- orange? The clip for the keychain is a bit bigger, and I guess it would be easy to hook up to a belt ring on jeans. But let's be real here: no one wants this calculator.
It has ridges along the sides to improve grip I guess. Oh, but that clip is held on by a tiny metal ring that bends easily, so if you do clip this to anything, it will probably be lost after you move around a bit. The good news is you won't care.
What do you want me to say? I can talk about the noodles I ate during the video. They're quite hot. I've had this type many times, so my reaction isn't quite as intense as the habanero or that spicy jerky. I still suffer, but I'd say the review didn't get too out of hand. Samyang makes great noodles though.
Yeah. We've seen this before.
I'm really sorry you guys.

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