22 August 2019

Modding a Commodore Amiga 500 to Run Games on USB

Not long ago, I got a great deal on a Commodore Amiga 500 complete in box. I already had an Amiga 500, but it's a PAL version and was missing some important components like the power supply, video adapter, mouse, and any software. But now I had an NTSC machine with everything I needed to play games. Or rather, one game.

08 August 2019

Calculator Review: Langenscheidt German Electronic Translation Machine and Calculator

It's been too long since my last calculator review. I never intended to stop doing these, but I became obsessed with vintage computers so that has consumed a majority of my life. But I've still got a huge collection of calculators and they aren't going to review themselves.
Langenscheidt German Electronic Translation Machine and Calculator. Say that thirty-eight times fast.

06 August 2019

Commodore 128 Part 3: RF Modulator Issues

When I first booted up the Commodore 128 and saw that it was working just fine, I figured the restoration would be a fairly simple task. The computer was dirty and yellowed, so some scrubbing and retr0brighting would be enough. Or so I thought.

01 August 2019

What came with the Commodore SX-64

Getting the Commodore SX-64 was exciting enough, but the seller included a box of software and accessories. I was mainly focused on ensuring that all of the components of the SX-64 were in good working order, but eventually I got around to taking a look at the box.
That's my foot in the lower left.
It's a crazy amount of stuff, so I still haven't gone through all of it. But I'll discuss some of the highlights.