26 October 2019

Calculatober Day 26: Burger King Lisa Simpson Calculator

Just five more days to go. I can power through this and get it over with. I think. Here's a crappy calculator.
Burger King Lisa Simpson calculator. From 2015.
The Burger King Lisa Simpson Calculator is a kids meal toy that no kid would be happy to get. I'm a calculator collector and I'm not happy to own it. It's a promotional thing and does the bare minimum to meet the requirements of being The Simpsons-related.
At the top is extra plastic with a sticker of Lisa Simpson. The rest of the calculator is decorated to look like graph paper and all the buttons are red with white font. The display is a basic AF LCD with no interesting features.
In attempting to power on the device, I discovered the battery was dead. This calculator is only four years old, mind you. But when getting to the battery compartment, I saw that they'd used those triangle-type screws you see on old Nintendo cartridges. Fortunately, I have those on hand as I collect those and clean them. But most people probably don't have these, so they would have a much harder time changing the battery.

Anyway, if you watch the video, I broke the damn battery terminal so I couldn't even use it.

This calculator sucks.

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