12 September 2019

Obsolete Technology: Tiger Video Now Color

It's easy to forget that there was a time when people didn't carry an infinite source of information and entertainment in their pocket wherever they went. Today, portable Internet devices allow us to view pretty much anything we'd like to see while on the go. Back then, if you wanted to watch a movie or show, your options were waiting for it to play on network television or having a DVD or VHS of said media. In both cases you had to be stationary to watch them.
Tiger Video Now Color, released in 2004.

10 September 2019

Calculator Review: Smartbox Touch Screen Calculator Plus

Of all the types of calculators there are, my least favorite so far have been touch screen devices. They tend to break very easily, especially when I have to take them apart for cleaning and pictures. I've broken several already, and some that I've purchased simply don't work.
Smartbox Touch Screen Calculator Plus in original packaging.