18 July 2019

Commodore Project 64 Part 9: More Keyboard Stuff

Despite all of the other neat stuff I've been discussion on this site, I have been continuing work on Project 64. I've had a bit of luck with one of the non-working boards that hadn't been putting out any video. It's still not working correctly, but this is what it's showing now:
This was after replacing several chips on the board. The troubleshooting guide suggests this is a RAM issue, but so far replacing those hasn't solved the new problem. I've ordered more chips to see if this fixes things, so we'll see.

16 July 2019

Meet the Machine: The Commodore SX-64 Executive Computer

Holy crap. I got a Commodore SX-64!
Today's post isn't going to be particularly informative or productive. I managed to get my hand on what has been my holy grail for vintage computer collecting. I never actually thought I would own one of these. This is a computer I have only ever seen in person once before and it wasn't working. And now I have one in my possession that works perfectly.

11 July 2019

Radio Shack Robie Junior: A Robot from 1986

This may come as a shock to people who know me, but I love robots. I'm the kind of person who immediately feels empathy for a robot in distress despite knowing full well its conscious is just lines of code written by someone. I don't care though because they're great. I'll gladly accept them as our overlords when the singularity occurs.

I recently found this Robie Junior Remote Command Intelligent Robot at a yard sale for $5. I knew I had to take him home with me the moment I laid eyes on him, just sitting there mixed in with a bunch of other toys and junk someone didn't want anymore. I had no idea what I was really buying at the time. It was missing a remote control and manual, and it didn't look like it was in great shape, but at the very least it would be a cool thing to have on display.

09 July 2019

Power Mac G4 Part 3: Cleaning

After many hours, I have completed the cleaning and rebuilding of the Apple Power Mac G4. This was a much more difficult process than I had expected it to be, but I still enjoyed it.
Using an electric duster, I sprayed air at the electrical components to remove much of the debris. This ended up working really well and I only had to use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to clean some of the tougher spots.

04 July 2019

Power Mac G4 Part 2: Teardown

Last week I mentioned how easy it was to get inside the Power Mac G4 with its latch and hinged side. This remains true, but to completely tear down the machine, it was a hell of a lot more difficult than a modern Windows PC. But this needed to be done so I could get the interior of this computer as clean as possible.

I started with the DVD drive because it's the most easily accessible component. It's not screwed in or held in place with latches or anything.

27 June 2019

New Old Computer: Apple Power Mac G4 from 2000

To post more often, I'm switching to Tuesdays and Thursdays so that I only have to do two a week. This should make this website more manageable and give me more time to post interesting stuff.

Last week I received an old Apple computer that I knew absolutely nothing about. I have very little experience with Apple products, but I've always liked the way their older computers looked. So when my brother-in-law offered me a free Power Mac G4, I happily accepted it not knowing whether it would work or not.

25 June 2019

Commodore Project 64 Part 8: Retr0bright Phase 4

At last, I've reached a point where I have something assembled. It's not much, but I'm still excited! I began phase 4 of retr0brighting hoping it would be the phase that finished it. I made a few changes to the method to increase the chances of it being successful.
First, the top and bottom of the chassis were painted with a thick layer of 40 volume creme. I then wrapped the parts in clear plastic wrap, which I did for the sun attempt but not the UV light. This would prevent the creme from drying much.
This time around I wanted to focus on the sides, so I set up both lights to be as close as possible and left it like this for twelve hours. The following twelve hours were used for the other side, and then I let the UV lights shine on the rest for another twenty-four hours. 

So was forty-eight hours enough?