16 June 2021

A Documentary About the TI-108


Some time back I was contacted by the creator of Wrath of Math who asked if he could use my footage and website content to create a documentary about the TI-108. As a huge fan of this calculator, I was thrilled that my dumb calculator review was going to help someone out. 

I hadn't really thought about it after giving permission, but I was definitely interested in hearing whatever he had to say about it. 

Well it came out, and I can say without exaggeration that it's the best video ever made about the TI-108. It's thoughtful, informative, artistic, and extremely thorough while also being hilarious. It's over an hour long, but well worth every minute. There are a few shout outs in it for The Calculator Review, which was great to see, but it still would have been fantastic even without using any of my content. Please check it out, it's really great!

07 October 2020

Review: Sharp EL-233 and also I Eat a Ghost Pepper

 To increase the rate of calculator reviews, I will be posting some as just videos. If a calculator is especially interesting, I'll do a written review as well. 

03 August 2020

Calculator Review: Seiko Instruments The Kitchen Whiz SII

If you're in the United States, before reading or watching my video review, please make sure you're registered to vote for this upcoming election. Vote.org has tools to help you register to vote by mail so you can avoid putting yourself at risk of COVID-19. Also, please consider donating to Black Lives Matter to help in the fight for racial equality. Neither of these websites is a sponsor or anything for me, but they are causes I care deeply about and I want to do my small part in spreading awareness of them.

Seiko Instruments The Kitchen Whiz SII

27 July 2020

Calculator Review: Another Unknown Clear Calculator

It's been so long since my last calculator review. Everything's different now. I hope you're okay.

31 December 2019

Calculator Review: Sharp Elsi Mate EL-8036

In the last possible moment, I decided to do one last calculator review for the decade. I wish I had something of value to say about the past ten years but the last three have just been kind of gross. Feel free to tell me how great the economy is in the comments.
Sharp Elsi Mate EL-8036.