31 December 2019

Calculator Review: Sharp Elsi Mate EL-8036

In the last possible moment, I decided to do one last calculator review for the decade. I wish I had something of value to say about the past ten years but the last three have just been kind of gross. Feel free to tell me how great the economy is in the comments.
Sharp Elsi Mate EL-8036.
Anyway, the Sharp Elsi Mate EL-8036 is a beautiful calculator. It's extremely slim for a device released way back in 1977. Yeah, I was surprised when I found that out too. The design forgoes more practical buttons for a membrane, and normally I don't like it when calculators do this. However, Sharp took a calculated risk here.
While the buttons have zero tactile feedback, the calculator uses a high-pitched beep to indicate that a number or operation has been selected. This noise can be turned off but then the only feedback you'll get is a visualization on the LCD screen.
The display is just your standard LCD, and there's nothing that makes it stand out, but the beauty of the rest of the calculator easily makes up for this. The face plate is made of brushed aluminum and even the membrane for the buttons feels well-made.

It's a good calculator. Thanks for reading.

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