20 October 2019

Calculatober Day 20: Unknown Clear Calculator

A while back I posted The Calculator Graveyard. In it I discussed calculators in my collection that don't work for whatever reason and thus cannot be reviewed. Fortunately, the company I purchased the Unknown Clear Calculator from sent me another one after I told them about it arriving broken.
Unknown Clear Calculator.
This Unknown Clear Calculator (UCC[?]) is quite thin. It's also clear. It's also not very good.
It looked really nice when I first removed it from its packaging, but since then it has acquired several scratches on its surface. The functionality isn't affected, but since I have a broken one, I can confirm that functionality is broken if the glass or plastic or whatever shatters anywhere.

Being a purely solar calculator, the UCC will simply not work without a sufficient light source. Since it's made of shiny stuff, it reflects a lot of light back into the user's eyes. It also made recording the review video extremely difficult.
The "buttons" have zero tactile feedback and aren't 100% reliable. I've made many mistakes while performing calculations with this device and being unable to delete inputs makes using the UCC an exercise in frustration.

For $1.86 on Ebay, all you're getting is the uniqueness of the fact that this calculator is clear. There have been several calculators I've already reviewed that cost $1.00 that I would recommend long before this one. It's a neat idea, but in reality it's just not a good calculator.

I don't know who made this device or even what country it comes from. There is no information to be found anywhere on it.


  1. Hey, if nothing else, it works as a great mirror. Lol

  2. one of my mates has this one, and i have to agree, it is an extremely difficult calculator to use