08 February 2019

Review: SNGU Multifunctional CS29 Bamboo Calculator

I get excited when I acquire a new calculator because it means I get to write another review. The backlog is massive at this point, so I'll be writing these reviews for quite a while. There's no real reason for a particular calculator being selected to be reviewed on any given day, but I find myself holding back the truly special devices until the time feels right. Today, it feels right to review one of the most beautiful calculators in my collection.

SNGU Multifunctional CS29 Bamboo Calculator.
The SNGU Multifunctional CS29 Bamboo Calculator, or SG-CS29 is stunning. With the exception of the extra large LCD display and solar cell, every external component is made of carbonized bamboo. This isn't plastic or some other cheap material painted to look like bamboo; it's the real deal. The imperfections of the wood give the calculator character and life, and it feels like a piece of nature on my desk.

Every button has its symbol laser-etched into it, giving each key its own unique feel. The key pad feels more like a computer keyboard than any other calculator I've reviewed so far. It's an absolutely joy to perform calculations with this device because everything feels great and responsive. 

The SG-CS29 features all the standard calculator functions, but includes a backspace key that allows the user to retype numbers and even make changes to results. It's a great feature that allows for some truly unique math.
The calculator has a huge, beautiful display.
While designed to be a desk calculator, this device has a nice weight to it and, combined with the smooth edges, makes it feel great in your hands. 

The only fault I can find in this device is the battery situation. The solar cell is real and works great, but the battery inside is not going to last forever. In order to get to it, you'll need to remove several screws as well as the rubber feet on the bottom of the calculator. This isn't a huge problem, as I found reassembling everything to be fairly easy. The internal components are screwed together to keep things from just falling out when you get inside.

Unlike previous reviews, I can actually supply a reliable link for readers to purchase this device. Click here to purchase it on Amazon.com (I am not sponsored in any way by the manufacturers of this device or Amazon). Currently it's selling for a little under $25.

Back of calculator, also made of bamboo.
Partially disassembled, keypad removed.
Keypad with one key removed.

Fully disassembled.

This device looks great in my display.
Back of original box.

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