04 February 2019

Review: Casio WM-320MT

Calculators come in all shapes and sizes. Some fit comfortably in your pocket while others can be the centerpiece of a massive desk. But size isn't everything. Sometimes people require other features that aren't quite standard. Today's calculator is for the person who works in an area with lots of dust or debris, but still needs a device that is reliable.
Casio WM-320MT.
The Casio WM-320MT is the modern calculator for the hard workers of the world, and it does a fine job of working as good as it looks.

Rugged is the word that comes to mind upon first glance. The yellow will stand out in a dusty environment, yet doesn't come across as tacky or gaudy. The entire device is framed by extra thick plastic that won't bend without considerable force. If you were to drop this calculator, it would probably be just fine.

The WM-320MT feels as good as it looks, too. There are no cheaply made rough edges. Everything is nice and rounded, making it a pleasure to hold. The display is simply massive, featuring 12 digits that contrast unbelievably crisply no matter what angle you're looking at it from. Of course the buttons are great too, with each press more satisfying than the last. No matter where you're using this calculator, you're going to look and feel great with it.
This calculator features a detachable key pad for easy cleaning.
What makes this already fantastic calculator soar above the rest is a feature you never knew you needed: a detachable key pad. By pulling a piece at the bottom down, the key pad pops out and can be cleaned separately from the rest of the device. It's only going to come out if you want it to, and you'll be able to keep this calculator looking as gorgeous as it is all the time.

Casio absolutely nailed the design of the WM-320MT, and they did it without making the device super expensive. You can buy one from the Casio website for $12, and it will probably be the best $12 you've ever spent. This is a calculator designed in so many ways to last.

If I were forced to point out just one flaw with this calculator, it would be that not every other calculator is as good as it is.

Packaging: Front.
Packaging: Back.
Back of calculator.
Back removed, internals exposed.
Full disassembly of all components.

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