25 February 2019

Review: Servamatic Solar Systems, Inc. Calculator

While I'm still on the hunt for more calculators to add to my collection, I've found myself leaving thrift stores without purchasing any a lot more lately. I think this may be due to knowing I'll do video reviews with spicy foods or something equally stupid if the calculator isn't interesting enough.

Servamatic Solar Systems, Inc. Calculator with leather pouch.
Interesting doesn't always mean good, however. Today's calculator is proof of that. The Servamatic Solar Systems, Inc. Calculator is unlike any other in my collection, but its one unique feature is what makes it simply terrible.

See, this calculator is round. That's the gimmick. It's well-constructed with quality materials, and it looks fantastic. The copper and brown colors go great together, and everything is neatly arranged. The Servamatic sun logo is even a nice touch, which is unusual for promotional calculators. Usually the logo is more of an afterthought and the calculator isn't at all designed around the aesthetic. In this case, it's not that.

This calculator feels more like a pocket watch than a math device. That might seem like a cool thing, but in practice it's not at all. The positioning of the buttons is absolutely awful. There is no comfortable way to hold this and perform calculations, and to make matters worse, the buttons aren't very responsive. They're squishy and need to be pressed extra hard to have any effect. Performing any calculation is an exercise in irritation.

I found this calculator on Ebay for about $10, and it's an interesting piece to have in my collection. It's the kind of thing that can start conversations or stand out, but that's just not enough to make it worth recommending. Most calculators go for a rectangular design for a reason: it's intuitive. This is not.
Back of calculator, back of pouch.

Back removed, interior exposed.
Complete disassembly, part one.
Complete disassembly, part two.

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