20 February 2019

Review: CNW PCC Series Digital Pocket Scale

One of the most difficult things about calculator reviewing and collecting is trying to figure out where these devices are coming from. They are so mass produced that even the companies that sell them can't answer basic questions such as "what year was this released?" The reputable companies like Texas Instruments, Casio, and Sharp are fairly reliable for finding details, but pretty much anything coming from China will leave me with more questions than answers.
CNW PCC Digital Pocket Scale
The CNW PCC Series Digital Pocket Scale is no exception to this rule. I don't even know if CNW had anything to do with the manufacturing of this device because their logo only appears on the box of the one I received and none of the pictures I can find online. I don't even know if CNW is even the name of the company that sold it because I can't find a website with that logo.

I purchased this device on Ebay a while back for $9, but I've seen similar devices on Aliexpress.com and Alibaba with wildly varying prices. Some go for as little as $8 while others that look identical are $40 or more.

A calculator that can weigh itself!
This particular model is capable of measuring up to 100 grams, but on the back of the box suggests other versions can get up to 1 kilogram, which would be impressive for a scale this size. I don't have small enough weights to test the accuracy of this scale, but some rudimentary experiments have led me to believe it's pretty decent.

The scale takes two AAA batteries, but the calculator is dual powered. It doesn't require the battery at all with sufficient light, but has nice enough contrast when it's running only on the battery. The buttons are adequate without anything special worth mentioning.

Overall, it's a nice compact design that fits easily in a pocket or handbag. Everything works as it should and the scale feels more like a feature than a gimmick. It comes with a thin leather case for added protection, and the manual fits nicely between the calculator and scale. If you're needing to measure and calculate small quantities of substances on the go, this is the device for you.

Here's the box.
Back of box next to leather case.
Calculator removed from scale, with manual.
Scale activated, weighing nothing.
Back of scale and calculator, battery cover removed.
Internal components of calculator exposed.


  1. Dude From where you get it I also want it plz tell me plz

    1. Hi,

      I found this on Ebay. Here's the link for the seller: