17 December 2018

Review: Jot Calculator with 8 Digit Display

Jot Calculator.
Taking a week off to focus on non-calculator aspects of my life has been beneficial. I missed reviewing my calculators though, so I'm very happy to be back to tell the world what I think about them.

To make up for the lack of reviews, I decided to start this brand new week off with something truly special...

Fans of calculator reviews, this day marks the end of an era. I've been reviewing calculators for a while now, and at long last it's time to bring about the conclusion. I hope this doesn't disappoint everyone, but I understand if it does. Today, I am reviewing the third and final Dollar Tree $1 Jot Calculator.

My hopes were not high for this device, especially after the Jot Scientific Calculator and the Jot Pocket Calculator. Long-time followers of these reviews will also notice that today's calculator closely resembles the Big Display 8-Digits Electronic Calculator. I'd been dreading opening the packaging because I knew this calculator was going to suck. It's time I move on with my life and be done with the Jot line.

This calculator sucks. It's exactly the same as the Big Display, except it doesn't pretend to be solar powered. The internals are identical. The only difference with this one is the color scheme. I like the black and white look, but it's wasted on this garbage.

I don't recommend this calculator nor any other device in the Jot line. I'm sorry this is such a short review.

Back side.

The buttons just fell out during disassembly.

Innards of this garbage calculator.

The motherboard.
Back of the packaging.

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