01 February 2019

Review: Casio HS-8V

Here it is, the final Facebook review. From this point forward, all calculator reviews will be completely new. The video review is a bit different this time, so check it out and let me know what you think of it.

I'm not the only calculator enthusiast. I'm not even the most enthusiastic enthusiast. In my research, I've discovered some very detailed online calculator museums that have lead me down multiple rabbit holes to learn more about unique designs. Because of this, I've acquired some very interesting devices that I'm looking forward to reviewing.

Casio HS-8V,
The Casio HS-8V is not one of the unique devices. It's about as standard as you can get, but that doesn't make it a bad calculator. Featuring only basic functionality, its compact size doesn't prevent it from displaying the standard 8 digits.

It also looks great. The brushed aluminum face plate provides a beautiful contrast to both the screen and buttons. The recessed screen is deep enough to prevent severe scratching if you leave this in your pocket, but I would have preferred a cover of some sort. For some reason, the super small calculators tend not to bother with a cover.

Casio introduced this model back in 2001, and it still sells for the MSRP of $3.99. Just because they made an inexpensive calculator doesn't mean they made a cheap one. It's sturdy with nice responsive buttons. If you need something for basic operations, you really can't go wrong with this device.

The HS-8V uses solar cells and a single internal LR54 battery. The picture attached to this review shows mine next to an Aldi quarter. This calculator came in the same bag as the Ft. Detrick one that I found at Goodwill for $1.50.
The back.
The guts of the HS-8V.

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