07 November 2018

Review: Casio 2-Color Print HR-150LC

Fans of calculator reviews, I feel bad for discussing two terrible calculators in a row. I try to post a variety of devices throughout the week to keep things from getting boring, and I failed to do that. So to make up for that, I picked a calculator today that I intended to review later on. Today's calculator is a good one.

Casio HR-150LC
The Casio 2-Color Print HR-150LC is the first printing calculator that I added to my collection. I tended to avoid these for some reason, but due to Casio's nearly impeccable reputation for making solid devices, I decided to check it out. I am so glad I did, because the HR-150LC is fantastic.

Unlike the "Big Display" reviewed yesterday, the HR-150LC doesn't try to brag about anything, yet has every right to do so. The display on this is actually huge, and is viewable from almost any angle. Every digit contrasts clearly with the LCD.

Each button feels solid and clicky, so every operation you perform with it is going to feel great, especially if you're using the print feature. It's loud without being obnoxious. The printing mechanism has a weighty feel to it that might cause a lighter calculator to violently shake, but this device is heavy and strong enough to handle it just fine. Even the switches to turn the calculator on or change the floating point are a pleasure to use. It's all very responsive and will make you feel like you can kick math's ass today.

Small but powerful: the printing mechanism.
Whether you're printing calculations or not, the HR-150LC is an absolute pleasure to use. The muted color scheme of the buttons doesn't emphasize contrast yet still manages to look great. Casio is a company that clearly strives to make the best calculator it can and I've always felt like I've got what I paid for with their devices.

It might seem like I'm biased toward Casio, but that's honestly not the case. It's HP calculators that I tend to get overly excited about*. Yet since I've been collecting, Casio has impressed me every single time.

The HR-150LC can run on four AA batteries or the A/C adapter that came with it. I found this one at a local thrift shop for $6. Casio no longer produces this device, as it has been replaced by the HR-150TMPlus. Unfortunately I couldn't find release years for either device, so my best guess is the HR-150LC came out some time in the 1990s.

Back, with battery cover and paper feed.

Back, battery cover removed.

Internal components. Nice and roomy.

Non-essential components removed.

* Before you point out that you can't end a sentence with a preposition, please do some actual research on the English language because you totally can.


  1. Ihave a new one in the box how much you think i can sell it for?

  2. Casio hr-150lcgy-w i cant find anyting about it