16 November 2018

Review: Radio Shack EC-451

It's Friday, so that means a remake of a Facebook review! It's nice to go back and update my thoughts after a bit since I get my hands on so many different calculators. Usually my first impression is accurate, but sometimes I notice different things that are worth mentioning. As always, I'll include an image of the original review at the end of this post.
Radio Shack EC-451

The Radio Shack EC-451 doesn't look like much, and that's because it really isn't. It features a fairly boring color scheme and a clamshell design that, while practical, doesn't do much for its aesthetic. The EC-451 just wants to be a calculator, not a fashion statement.

As a calculator, it's really good. The buttons work great, and the display is contrasty and all those other things that can be good about a calculator. None of it is special or all that interesting, with the exception of the metric conversion table printed into the cover. I really like it when extra space is utilized, especially for a device that's clearly going for function over form.

Protective clamshell design. Neat.
Nothing about the EC-451 feels unnecessary. Everything is where it should be and because of this it's a reliable device. It's dual-powered, using solar panels and a single battery inside, allowing it to work in a variety of conditions (those varieties being bright and not very bright).

The clamshell design does its job in protecting the LCD screen and preventing accidental pocket calculations. It's small and thin enough to slide into any pocket and sturdy enough to withstand a reasonable amount of abuse.

It's not the type of calculator anyone is going to put on display, but if reliability is vital for your needs, the EC-451 is worth getting. I got this in a bag with several other calculators at Goodwill for $3 I think.

I wish I had more to say about this device. Enjoy your weekend.

Back, clamshell open.

Internal components
I couldn't safely remove the inner assembly.

The Original Facebook Review.
Note: I originally stated that the screen could be too dim at times, but during the re-review, I did not notice this issue.

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  1. Look like a copy version of the CITIZEN FS-50WH II